In this section, we will start controlling the arm in various ways. You will start using ROS, the robot operating system. ROS is a large and complex ecosystem. Below we will get a taste of the basics, but if you want to go deeper, here are some resources you can follow:

(The official ROS wiki)

Intro to ROS

(A page full of resources to help get into ROS in a sensible way)

The code we'll be running today:

All the code we are running today is contained in one "main" folder on the pi. This folder is also a git repository ( git is a software application that provides version control of code). You can see all of the code in the repository on github here:

You can also see this same code on the pi by opening a terminal and typing:

cd catkin_ws/src/robotarmhackathon/

Or you can view it in VS code, a code editor which makes it easy to interact with the software files:

0. Run "Hello World"

Open a terminal. Enter the command below:

roslaunch robotarmhackathon hello_world.launch