Mail is generally delivered 9-5 M-F and scheduled for redelivery if it is not able to be delivered. Avoid delivery timing outside this window. Circuit Launch staff generally facilitates mail acceptance and sorting but we can not unlock unattended doors, or be responsible for facilitating your specific delivery (particularly outside of 9-5 M-F).

If you have a critical or time sensitive delivery it is your responsibility to be able to accept and or sign for your delivery at our entrance.

Missing a delivery? The reality is that our mail and parcel carriers often sign our name to deliveries regardless if we accepted it. Often packages are marked delivered and signed for in the parking lot before they are actually delivered, which occasionally means mail is left on the truck. Most of the time “missing” mail and deliveries do show up in a couple days. We rarely have deliveries that are marked delivered that are truly lost. However in those rare instances you can ask our front desk staff how to attempt to catch the driver and inquire yourself, or contact the specific mail carrier to trace the package.

Large Item Delivery

Having a LTL, pallet, or other large item delivery outside of UPS, DHL, Ontrac, USPS, Fedex?

Please notify us ahead of time and be present to accept delivery (and ensure they have lift-gate service). There is a fee of $45 (a day) if we have to de-palletize and/or bring in and or store your delivery (if you didn’t let us know and/or weren’t present).

Holding mail

If you are not an active member we cannot hold your mail. We’ll do our best to notify you of important mail delivered to us for up to 6 weeks after you are gone, then all mail will be marked return to sender and returned.