Welcome to the workshop!

Over the next two days you are going to build and program your very own 3-axis robot. You will become familiar with all the concepts surrounding the build, including assembling 3D printed components, wiring and soldering electronics, uploading firmware to an Arduino, and running programs with ROS, the Robot Operating System.

This course runs more like a workshop than a traditional lecture. It is designed so that you can work at your own pace, and collaborate freely with your classmates. There will be brief moments of class-wide instruction, but our philosophy at Circuit Launch is that you learn by doing, so we try and keep lecturing to a minimum in favor of you diving right into the project.

The workshop is broken down into 4 phases, each with their own page that includes step-by-step instructions. All the tools and materials are here at Circuit Launch for you to complete your adventure. This is also a team effort, so if you get stuck, please collaborate with your fellow classmates, and of course reach out to the instructor for help.

Now lets begin!! Start by clicking on the first section below, the mechanical build:

1. Mechanical Build

2. Electrical Build

3. Testing system with Arduino

4. Run the robot with ROS